Fact Sheet


School Hours 9.00am – 3.15pm

Bell Times

  • 9.00am School Commences
  • 11.30am Eat Lunch Inside
  • 11.45am – 12.30pm Play Break
  • 2.00pm Eat Snack Inside
  • 2.10pm – 2.25pm Play Break
  • 3.15pm Classes are dismissed

Whole School Assembly

We have a whole school assembly on Wednesday mornings just after 9.00am. Parents and families are welcomed, and encouraged to attend. Due to current Covid Restrictions, we ask that no visiters attend Whole School assembly

What to bring to school each day

  • A school bag
  • A sun smart hat (available from the uniform shop) is compulsory throughout Term 1 and Term 4
  • A packed lunch, water bottle and simple snacks such as fresh fruit.

School Canteen

Canteen Menu & Price List 2021

  • Our School Canteen is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for lunch orders and snack purchases
  • Lunch orders should be written on a brown paper bag or envelope with the students name and grade, and lunch order details. In the event that the correct money is not provided, any change will be given direct to the student.

School Newsletter and Notices

  • Our School Newsletter is sent home every Tuesday with the eldest child in the family. The newsletter can also be accessed online, on our school website.
  • Where possible we also try to send notices other than the newsletter home on Tuesday. This is not always possible so please check your child’s bag regularly for any important information.

Before and After School Care

Before and After School Care is available and operated by ‘Extend’. Please  go to https://extend.com.au/ to enrol students and for any further information, or click on the ‘Outside School Hours’ tab in our website’s main menu.


Uniform Shop

  • Our Uniform Shop is open Thursday mornings 9.00am-9.30am and accepts cash, cheque and EFT payments.



  • Any payments made to the school for anything such as fees, book packs, excursions etc should be made direct to the classroom teacher on Tuesdays and Fridays where possible. Payments will be accepted in cash or cheques.
  • Families may make additional payments from time to time to cover future excursions and other costs. Please see office staff if you wish to do so.
  • All payments via EFT should be made at the General Office

 Specialist Programs

  • Students will participate in Music, Art, Italian, Science and Physical Education once a week.  Session times and days will obviously vary between grades.
  • Grades are timetabled to use the Library at least once a week and may borrow books during this time, provided they have a suitable Library bag and have no outstanding loans.

Instrumental Music 

  • Currently an external program
  • Students have the option to participate in Instrumental Music. Lessons are available in guitar, keyboard, drums and vocal.
  • For information regarding these lessons and the costs involved, please see the office staff.


  • Most communication from the school to families will be via our weekly newsletter and school assembly. If for any reason you need to speak to your child’s teacher please make an appointment time via the General Office.
  • From time to time, text messages will be sent as reminders for special events etc
  • 3 Way Conferences between Teachers, Students and Parents will occur twice a year, information regarding these will go home to each family with prior notice.

Website:         www.westbreenps.vic.edu.au            Phone: 9306 – 9481



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