Volunteers at ‘Team Westbreen’

Volunteers at Westbreen Primary School

Westbreen Primary School values and encourages parents, family members and community members to volunteer here at ‘Team Westbreen’. We believe that volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge, ideas, creativity, diversity and skills to our school community. Volunteers support and complement us in our educational, social, engagement and wellbeing goals.

At ‘Team Westbreen’

  • The wellbeing of our students is our first priority
  • Staff, students and families support each other
  • We ensure that all students are engaged in learning
  • All students, staff and families are treated with respect
  • We care about and have compassion for each other
  • We are responsible for our behaviour and belongings
  • We co-operate with each other and are partners in learning
  • We believe everyone can achieve great things
  • We have high expectations of our students
  • We encourage independent thinking
  • We understand and practise the right to privacy and confidentiality
  • We are committed to delivering the best education possible

Volunteering Opportunities

  • Reading with individual and small groups of students
  • Simple numeracy activities as directed by classroom teacher
  • Letter and sound recognition
  • Vegetable patch upkeep and design
  • Excursion and Incursion assistance
  • Assistance with school events such as concerts, sporting events, art gala etc
  • Westbreen Community Group – planning and executing social and fundraising events
  • School Council
  • Canteen
  • Breakfast Club
  • Other duties as directed by the classroom teacher
  • Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) – Foundation students
  • Oral Language Program (OL) – Foundation students

    Volunteering at Westbreen Primary School

  • You must provide your current Working With Children (WWC) card to the general office
  • Each time you volunteer you must sign in at the general office on arrival & sign out when leaving
  • Read and sign the ‘Volunteers Pack’ provided to all volunteers

Our entire school community acknowledge and appreciate the work our volunteers consistently do to support Westbreen Primary School to be the BEST it can be!

Please contact Georgie Sweeney on 9306 9481 if you would like to know more about our volunteering opportunities or join out team of amazing volunteers. Volunteers from the wider Community are very welcome here at Westbreen Primary School.

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