Our Vision and Values – What do they mean?



Westbreen Primary School strives to achieve the following  values


  •     Taking responsibility for your own actions,  behaviour and belongings
  •     Being responsible for your work
  •      Keeping agreements
  •     Learning from mistakes you make
  •     Making good choices
  •   Minding your own business


  •     Appreciating other points of view and feelings
  •    Listening and speaking politely with others
  •     Being open to other ideas and ways of doing things
  •    Being proud of yourself and our school
  •     Treating others as you would like to be treated
  •     Being honest and trustworthy
  •   Understanding that we all come from different backgrounds and may have different beliefs and traditions


  •    Giving 100%
  •   Persisting with tasks even when things are tough
  •   Setting and achieving goals
  •   Confidence in my own abilities
  •  Developing resilience
  •  Using initiative to solve problems

Care and Compassion

  • Thinking about how others feel
  •   Demonstrating tolerance of others
  • Looking out for each other
  • Caring about our environment
  • Helping and supporting others
  • Looking after school property
  • Behaving in a safe and sensible manner


  •  Working in teams
  •  Listening and not interrupting when someone else is speaking
  • Following rules of the game, classroom and school
  • Talking out problems
  • Solving problems without getting angry
  • Giving people a fair go
  • Doing as you are asked to do straightaway
  • Allowing others to work without interruption

Westbreen Primary School believes in providing an inspirational, challenging and safe educational environment that engages students to become confident, effective and responsible life-long learners. Westbreen Primary School also strives to provide a caring and Challenging learning Environment that equips children with the necessary skills and knowledge to become valued members of the community

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