Welcome to the Westbreen Primary School website

Westbreen Primary School is committed to “Learning Together for Life,” and promoting a highly effective learning community. High expectations for all are achieved through an engaging, child centered integrated approach to education. Catering for all ability levels and learning styles, staff focus is on maximising learning for every student.

In an environment of Respect, Achievement, Care and Compassion, Responsibility and Co-operation, we take pride in ourselves and our school, developing confident members of a diverse local and global community.

Our philosophy at WPS is that students, staff and parents all have a responsibility in a shared learning journey, and that the very best learning outcomes for students are achieved when we all work together to achieve the progressive learning goals identified for each and every student.

‘Team Westbreen’ Vision and Values

• Respect,
• Achievement
• Care and Compassion
• Responsibility
• Co-operation

The above school values continue to be part of the vision for the school. We tie the values into the life of our learning community. As a community we use the values when dealing with students and adults on an everyday basis, displaying our values in all we do.

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