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We love to com­bine innovative teaching with a great team.

Westbreen Primary School, situated in the northern suburbs on the border of Pascoe Vale and Glenroy, has provided education to the local community since being established in 1923. Westbreen’s core purpose is to offer a caring learning environment for all students. Students are proud of their environment, they recognise responsibility for their learning and are actively involved in the life of the school. Enrolments are primarily drawn from the Glenroy and Pascoe Vale suburbs.

The learning environment is situated in spacious, well maintained grounds, providing for a wholistic positive learning environment. The spacious grounds contain an oval (which incorporates football / soccer goals cricket pitch), two basketball/netball courts, a number of bat tennis courts and three playground areas. Many native trees and purpose-build shade areas provide protected areas. With the completion of our Capital Works program raised vegetable garden beds were created to be used by students and community members

Staff at Westbreen Primary work collaboratively in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to provide learning programs in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum. The Early Years (Foundation – Year 2) program is supported by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. Instructional models are used to support program planning, to inform conversations and to guide the observation, critique and reflection of classroom practice. We strive to develop all students’ capacity as learners through our commitment to teaching excellence and differentiating the curriculum to cater for the special abilities and needs of our students.

At Westbreen, all students are valued and differences are accepted within a supportive school environment, which promotes self-esteem, fosters participation and provides tools to explore their learning. At Westbreen Primary, there is a strong belief that true learning must be relevant, meaningful and rigorous for all students. 

Westbreen Primary School is continually evaluating student and school needs and planning future developments. It is dedicated to delivering excellence in the curriculum and providing the best education for our students. Specialist programs include Italian, Performing and Visual Arts, Science and Personalised Learning – the latter providing intervention and enrichment opportunities for all students. Information Communication Technology (ICT) enhances learning, motivation and engagement. Community members are an integral part of the school’s educational program, supporting students, participating in areas of the curriculum including classroom helpers, maintenance of facilities, and fundraising activities. The community benefits from the experience of parents and links with local community.

Written student reports and Student Led Conferences provide information to parents on student achievement and progress. To know our students, teachers meet regularly in Professional Learning Communities. The Annual Report to School Council details the advances and accomplishments of the school. The weekly newsletter provides parents and the community with information and is used to inform and encourage participation in school events.
With the implementation of this Strategic Plan, supported by our Annual Implementation Plan’s, which focus on teaching and learning; building teacher capacity and accountability (in terms of assessment and data collection), regular support and feedback on planning, in class observations and reciprocal teaching, we can ensure that all staff have a shared vision and contextualise their teaching practices leading to improved performance outcomes for all students.

Westbreen Primary School is committed to “Learning Together for Life,” and promoting a highly effective learning community. High expectations for all are achieved through our Standards:

General Service Standards:
• The school fosters close links with parents and the broader school community through its commitment to open and regular communications.
• The school commits to the active sharing of its vision and goals to ensure school community engagement in the school’s strategic plan.
• Westbreen Primary School will provide all students access to a broad, balanced and flexible curriculum including skills for learning and life.
• The school provides a safe and stimulating learning environment to ensure all students can achieve their full potential.
• All students will receive instruction that is adapted to their individual needs.

Specific Service Standards:
• Westbreen will build an innovative Information Communication Technology (ICT) environment to enhance learning, motivation and engagement.
• Staff will personalise learning for our students via the implementation of Individual Learning Plans.
• Staff will provide timely and targeted feedback to students on their work and effort.
• Staff will be available to communicate with parents on a regular basis both formally and informally.

Principal’s Message.

Tony Cerra   

Welcome to Westbreen Primary School No. 4158 – a school with a proud history since 1923. The school is located at the intersection of West Street and Boundary Road in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne. Westbreen Primary is a dynamic learning community where tradition and innovation are woven into the culture and practices of the school. Whilst history is important to us, we continue to look to the future by providing our students with a broad range of opportunities to reach their full potential.

We encourage our students to become more ‘community minded’ in the knowledge that our future adults will need a set of skills, personal attributes and values to thrive successfully in our globally connected world. Our school vision, “Learning Together for Life,” reflects our belief that by instilling the appropriate learning environment, our students will be well prepared to thrive and meet future challenges. We inspire our students to make a positive contribution to the life of our school, believing each of them has the potential to make a real difference.

Our teaching philosophy of developing the whole child, integrates the inquiry based approach with the core teaching of literacy and numeracy. This approach allows for the development of conceptual understandings in all areas of the curriculum – our students will be better equipped to increasingly plan and self-manage their own learning.

Students have specialist opportunities in areas of sports, visual arts, performing arts, science and Italian. Involvement in choir, instrumental music, school concerts, art gala evenings and various social skills programs broadens opportunities for our students. Our Student Voice Program encourages students to reflect and develop on the qualities of good leadership and effective citizenship.

Our staff are passionate about their teaching and encourage all students to strive to achieve their best with their learning, social skills, school spirit and sense of service to others. Our school promotes a set of values which empowers students to make positive contributions to the school and wider communities.

Westbreen Primary Schools Values:

Care and Compassion
We trust that the school will provide you and your children with a rich, safe, supportive and friendly learning environment. Fostering a strong partnership between the family and the school through clear and continuous communication is a key element in students’ success at Westbreen Primary. All parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education, school events and decision making opportunities.

The school is dedicated to providing all learners with:

A range of quality and engaging learning experiences
A happy and safe school environment, where learners can take risks and meet learning challenges
A supportive and creative classroom, school and playground
Opportunities to develop the knowledge and understanding, skills and values, to live a confident, satisfying and productive life.
I warmly invite you to visit Westbreen Primary where I would be delighted to show you around our school and discuss with you how we may be able to cater for the individual needs of your child.

Tony Cerra


School Council.

All government schools in Victoria, apart from the Distance Education Centre Victoria, have a school council.

The school council is the group of people who govern the school. It is given the power to set the key directions for the school, and is a legal entity in its own right.

A school council directly influences the quality of education that a school provides to its students. T

Three of the critical roles of school councils are; participating in the development of the strategic plan, approving the annual budget, and developing, reviewing and updating policies.

Our School’s
Vision and Values.

School Vision:

Westbreen Primary School is committed to “Learning Together for Life,” and promoting a highly effective learning community. High expectations for all are achieved through an engaging, child centred integrated approach to education. Catering for all ability levels and learning styles, staff focus is on maximising learning for every student.

In an environment of Respect, Achievement, Care and Compassion, Responsibility and Co-operation, we take pride in ourselves and our school, developing confident members of a diverse local and global community



  • Appreciating other points of view and feelings
  • Listening and speaking politely with others
  • Being open to other ideas and ways of doing things
  • Being proud of yourself and our school
  • Treating others as you would like to be treated
  • Being honest and trustworthy
  • Understanding that we all come from different backgrounds and may have different beliefs and traditions


  • Giving 100%
  • Persisting with tasks even when things are tough
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Confidence in my own abilities
  • Developing resilience
  • Using initiative to solve problems

Care and Compassion

  • Thinking about how others feel
  • Demonstrating tolerance of others
  • Looking out for each other
  • Caring about our environment
  • Making good choices
  • Helping and supporting others
  • Looking after school property
  • Behaving in a safe and sensible manner


  • Taking responsibility for your own actions, behaviour and belongings
  • Being responsible for your work
  • Keeping agreements
  • Learning from mistakes you make
  • Making good choices
  • Minding your own business


  • Working in teams
  •  Listening and not interrupting when someone else is speaking
  • Following rules of the game, classroom and school
  • Talking out problems
  • Solving problems without getting angry
  • Giving people a fair go
  • Doing as you are asked to do straightaway
  • Allowing others to work without interruption

Westbreen Primary School believes in providing an inspirational, challenging and safe educational environment that engages students to become confident, effective and responsible life-long learners. Westbreen Primary School also strives to provide a caring and Challenging learning Environment that equips children with the necessary skills and knowledge to become valued members of the community


Our policy documents are published in the PDF format. We recommend the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Anaphylaxis Policy 


Attendance Policy 


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Learning Wellbeing and Safety Action Plan


Asthma Policy


Bullying Prevention Policy


Campus & Excursions Policy


Canteen Policy


Child Safe Code of Conduct Practices

Child Safety Code of Conduct


Child Safety Policy


Child Safety Induction Pack


Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures


Development and Review of child safety and wellbeing policies and practices


Class Placement Policy


Complaints Policy


Critical Incident Policy


Curriculum Framework


Digital Technologies Policy


Dogs at School Policy


Duty of Care Policy


Electronic Banking Policy


Emergency Management Policy


Enrolment Policy


Excursions Policy


First Aid Policy


Good leadership & governance


Head Lice Policy


Health Care Needs


Homework Policy


Inclusion and Diversity Policy


Mandatory Reporting Policy


Medication Policy


Mobile Phone-Digital Devices Policy


Refund Policy


Respect for School Staff Policy


Statement of Values & Philosophy


Student Wellbeing and EngagementPolicy


Visitors Policy


Volunteers Policy


WWCC policy


Yard Duty and Supervision Policy


Please click on the link below to access the Department of Education and Training’s current Privacy Policy

The latest copy of the Departments policy, which applies to our school, can be downloaded from the Departments site at the link address below

DET Privacy Policy

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